Trio In Uno - 07/07/2021 (Orthez)

Trio In Uno

Born of the friendship between the Brazilians Pablo Schinke (cello) and José Ferreira (7-string guitar) and the Italian Giulia Tamanini (saxophones), this new ensemble is bursting with energy and complicity. By combining the flavour […]

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Thu Le - 08/07/2021 (Navarrenx)

Thu Le

Thu Le, is an award-winning and internationally acclaimed classical guitarist and one of the greatest promoters of her art. She was born in Hanoi and currently lives in Bahrain. She brings a unique blend […]

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Judicaël Perroy - 09/07/2021 (Sauveterre de Béarn)

Judicaël Perroy

Judicaël Perroy was born in Paris in 1973, and began his guitar studies at the Paris Music Academy at the age of seven. A recognized prodigy by the age of eleven, he played two Vivaldi […]

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Anabel Montesinos

Anabel Montesinos, the youngest winner (at the age of 17 years old) of the Francisco Tárrega International Guitar Competition in Spain, is a leader figure on the classical guitar worldwide. As Winner of more […]

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Marcin Dylla - 10/07/2021 (Salies de Béarn)

Marcin Dylla

Recognized by the Washington Post as “one of the world’s most talented guitarists,” Polish guitarist Marcin Dylla is a phenomenon in the recent history of classical guitar. Marcin Dylla is acclaimed by numerous critics, connoisseurs […]

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Marco Tamayo

The international award-winning Cuban guitarist of Austrian nationality, nicknamed by the Italian newspaper ‘La Stampa’ as «Il Re della Chitarra» (The King of the Guitar), is a prominent figure on the world’s guitar scene […]

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Duo Anabel Montesinos & Marco Tamayo - 11/07/2021 (Lahontan)

Duo Anabel Montesinos & Marco Tamayo

The classical guitar duo Tamayo-Montesinos was born of music … and love. Individually recognized as major soloists, this husband and wife duo has also established itself as one of the most important guitar collaborations in […]

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